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Dell Etherly

Fitness Coach

Dell Etherly, born and raised on the south side of Chicago,  has been an athlete for most of his life. At the age of 18 he turned pro as a lightweight boxer. While taking a break from the ring, he played professional arena league football for the Chicago Rush in their inception season before suffering a rotator cuff injury. It was then when he decided to take the knowledge he had gained as an athlete and put it to good use by helping others obtain their health and fitness goals.

IG: @dell_fitness

Izaak Eberst

Fitness Coach

My mission is to make gains and share my passions with other people. I enjoy using my body to do the activities I love. I believe every person can improve themselves and become more able to do the things they enjoy, and I think I can help.


My earliest interests growing up in San Diego were surfing and martial arts. Regular Sunday surf sessions with Dad are some of my fondest memories. Originally sharing an Eaton surfboard and our ideas on riding it, my father and I eventually progressed enough to have our own surfboards and get our friends riding waves on the Eaton. I started training Kajukenbo martial arts at 10 years old, working my way up to the coveted Black Belt level and helping to run classes for children and adults. This is when I found my passion for helping others!


A few years ago we moved to Reno to enjoy the city amenities, like stores and an awesome gym, Eagle FItness! A friend of mine introduced me to natural bodybuilding competitions where I had the chance to compete in the International Physique League during the 2021 season, earning my pro card in the Athletic and Sports Model categories. It was a great start to my 40s, and I’m excited to continue pushing my limits and working with people who are interested in doing the same thing for themselves. I am certified and experienced in many areas.  What are your interests? We can do better together, so let’s get started!

Phone: 858-740-6685

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